University and Library Partnerships

Libraries have always been champions of free and open access to information. As pillars of their communities, libraries provide resources to educate, empower, and enrich lives. In our increasingly digital world, it is more important than ever for libraries to embrace new technologies that align with their mission.

That is why partnering with Spotlight Media Labs can be a winning proposition for libraries and their patrons. The SpotlightNews app provides users full control over their personalized news feeds, with no censorship, paywalls, privacy concerns, or disruptive ads. This aligns perfectly with the library ethos of democratizing information access.

With Spotlight, libraries can offer their communities an ad-supported subscription to quality journalism from over 300 diverse publications. For modest fees, library patrons could upgrade to premium content access and ad-free reading. Bulk subscriptions are available as well, ideal for schools and alumni groups.

Spotlight is expressly committed to building the next generation of readers. The platform onboards college newspapers for free and shares revenues generously. By partnering, libraries can help nurture the future of local and student journalism.

The Spotlight team is dedicated to reinvigorating newspapers and quality journalism. Libraries are natural allies in this mission. Together we can promote an informed society with open access to trustworthy news sources. Join the movement and partner with Spotlight today!

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